Why Pineberry Manufacturing?

Aug 26, 2023 | Blog

why pineberry manufacturing by pineberry manufacturing inc

Simple, durable, cost efficient and innovative automatic feeding solutions and systems.

Huddled away in an industrial hub in Oakville, Ontario, lies one of Canada’s best manufacturing and automation solutions provider, Pineberry Manufacturing Inc. Manufacturing robust equipment and automation solutions for the packaging, pharmaceutical, food, mailing & order fulfillment, printing and plastic card industries.

Since 1984, Pineberry Manufacturing Inc. has enjoyed a solid reputation for its daring problem-solving equipment and high-quality friction feeders. Owned by David McCharles, Pineberry Manufacturing has seen tremendous growth year over year. The engineering team has and continues to provide system solutions to customers with unique and demanding applications, exploring project scopes and requirements of all kinds.

“What sets us apart from others is that we are not afraid to take on a project, no matter how small, big, or challenging,” states McCharles. “Pineberry Manufacturing won’t just provide a solution. We will key that solution specific to what the customer wants and needs right now and for the future.”

Packaging Strategies: Tell us what you do and the areas Pineberry excels in?

McCharles: Pineberry Manufacturing has been manufacturing robust automation equipment for the packaging, pharmaceutical, printing, e-Commerce, distribution, food and beverage, plastic card, graphic arts, and mailing and fulfillment industries since 1984. We specialize in simple, durable, cost efficient and innovative automation solutions, which include friction feeders, tray denesters, packaging, serialization and custom automation systems/packaging machinery.

PS: What don’t most people realize about your company?

McCharles: Most people do not realize that Pineberry Manufacturing has been around for more than 30 years providing packaging machinery for many industries world-wide. We ship our products globally from Canada and the U.S. to Brazil, Europe, Dubai and Australia.

PS: Are there any new automation solutions you’re releasing within the next 12 months?

McCharles: We recently released our Rotary Pick and Place System at PACK EXPO this year. The Rotary Pick and Place System is designed for high speed picking and placing of products using robotic suction cup arms. Products enter the Rotary Pick and Place System through being loaded or picked from a hopper. Using a custom end of arm tool, the products are picked and placed by the robot at the desired location. The Rotary Pick and Place System provides high-speed output, increasing productivity and reducing costs, and is ideal for multiple products or operation lines with limited space constraints.

We’re also releasing the CartonTrac Serialization and Aggregation System to go with our Serialization and Track & Trace pharmaceutical packaging product line. In partnership with Adents Pharma Suite, the Pineberry CartonTrac Serialization and Aggregation System has a very small footprint to automatically combine individual serialized cartons and takes a picture of all the fixed and variable serialized track and trace data.  Using robotics to band and case batches together, the system prints and applies a label to the band/case with a serial number.  As the cartons are combined, the serial number of the aggregated unit (parent) is associated with the multiple serial numbers of the individual cartons (child) contained within it, thus builds a parent-child relationship as products move through the packaging stages of the supply chain.

For more information, visit www.pineberryinc.com.