Tray Denesters & Dispensers

We offer a full product range of pick & place, tray denesters and cut & feed solutions for products such as food trays, pouches, meat pads and other odd shaped products. We can customize a solution for your application.

Cut To Length Feeders 

Most of our Cut To Length feeders are customized to the customers application. We offer solutions for pouches, labels, wax paper, soaker pads, food & desserts (sausages, yogurt tubes, etc.) and other 3-Dimensional products.

Cookie & Biscuit Feeder

Our Pineberry Shuttle Feeder is an automated packaging system for bakery goods, cookies, crackers and biscuits. Our high speed feeding system can be integrated for cookie and biscuit packaging with shuttle feeders for pile forming and fully servo driven horizontal wrappers.

Contact us to discuss your application.

FlexPick Pick and Place

The Pineberry FlexPick Tray Denesting System was designed to help automate the feeding of non-flat products and trays into packaging and fulfillment systems. It’s easily integrated into existing transports and conveyors.

Rotary Pick and Place

The Rotary Pick and Place System handles various hard to feed products by picking and placing them from one location to another with pinpoint accuracy and high speeds.

The pick and place solution engineered by Pineberry Manufacturing Inc. can be customized to fit specific production requirements. Moving large, small, or hard-to-handle products is an easy and efficient task to automate in factory lines. The Rotary Pick and Place System picks and places products consistently, accurately, efficiently and quickly for an increase in output and production, offering long-term savings.

The Rotary Pick and Place System automates the feeding of various sizes and hard-to-feed products into packaging and fulfillment lines, increasing order fulfillment and production rates. Manual pick and place requires repetitive motion over long durations resulting in ergonomic issues. Automated high-speed pick and place robots increase efficiency, decreasing production costs and ergonomic issues. The Rotary Pick and Place adds one more solution to our product line making Pineberry Manufacturing the go to solution provider for feeding any product.

The Rotary Pick and Place System manufactured by Pineberry Manufacturing Inc. is designed for high speed picking and placing of products using robotic suction cup arms. Products enter the Rotary Pick and Place System through being loaded or picked from a hopper. Using a custom end of arm tool, the products are picked and placed by the robot at the desired location. The Rotary Pick and Place System provides extremely high-speed output, increasing productivity and reducing costs. The Rotary Pick and Place System can place, collate, affix, or batch count flat products and 3-dimentional stackable items; ideal for multiple products or operation lines with limited space constraints.

Tray Denester

The Pineberry Automated Tray Denester is capable of receiving stacks trays of various sizes. Each stack will be separated by side pneumatics systems and the stack or desired denomination will be dropped onto an existing conveyor.

Our Tray Denesting System is capable of dropping 1-6 items at the same time!