Pharmaceutical Packaging Serialization Systems for Flat Cartons at PACK EXPO East 2018

Pharmaceutical Packaging Serialization Systems for Flat Cartons at PACK EXPO East 2018

Pineberry Manufacturing Inc. is excited to contribute to the growth of PACK EXPO and PACK EXPO East, showcasing new and innovative automation solutions for the packaging, processing and pharmaceutical industries.

Toronto, ON, January 12, 2018 – In booth 709 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia, PA, Pineberry Manufacturing Inc. will be exhibiting at PACK EXPO East with the FlexJet DOD (Drop on Demand) Printing and Labeling System, Erect and Flat Carton Serialization Systems, a SF 12 Friction Feeder, a SF 12 Friction Feeder with Print Application, a HSF 12 Friction Feeder and a Pick & Place Tray Denesting System.  In Booth 709, Pineberry Manufacturing Inc. is excited to be demonstrating their innovative automation solutions for packaging, processing, friction feeding, order fulfillment and pharma serialization track and trace.

“As a member of PMMI, Pineberry Manufacturing Inc. is excited to be exhibiting at PACK EXPO East,” states David McCharles, President of Pineberry Manufacturing Inc.  “At PACK EXPO East, we will be showcasing new and innovative automation solutions for the packaging, processing, food & beverage and pharmaceutical industries,” continues Mr. McCharles.  “With over 6,000 qualified attendees expected, Pineberry Manufacturing is locked and loaded to meet new connections, interact with customers, network with OEMs and demonstrate our innovation automation solutions and equipment,” concludes Mr. McCharles.

FlexJet DOD Printing and Labeling System

The FlexJet DOD Printing and Labeling System barcodes, codes, labels, prints and personalizes plastic cards, flat cartons, lottery tickets, envelopes, letters, magazine subscriptions, and much more.  The FlexJet DOD on display is comprised of a Pineberry HSF 12 Friction Feeder, labeler applying labels on flat cartons, Atlantic Zeiser inkjet printer, UV lamp, and a Cognex camera verification system.  We will feed, print and apply labels to flat cartons at a speed of 40 meters per minute.  The FlexJet DOD is a proven high quality solution for personalizing plastic cards, flat cartons, lottery tickets and other flat media.  Pineberry offers DOD UV/LED, CIJ (Continuous Inkjet) and HP heads with custom inks or toners that adhere to the product material being fed.  This inkjet solution is project specific, customized to the needs of the customer.  The FlexJet DOD prints up to 400 DPI resolution in X and Y direction using DOD.  The resolution is flexible and can be altered according to job requirements.

Erect and Flat Carton Serialization Solutions

Pineberry Manufacturing Inc. has introduced a serialization series, CartonTrac, that produces the cleanest codes on the market, verified with an in-line reader and cannot be tampered with.  The pharmaceutical erected and flat cartons are controlled with precision under the laser providing codes that are superior to inkjet, with zero printing consumables or downtime.  The serialization and track & trace solution aims to help fight the immense market of counterfeit products and to enhance consumer safety in accordance with legislations, such as the Drug Quality & Security Act (DQSA) and the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA).  Serialization requires a comprehensive system to track & trace the passage of prescription drugs and pharmaceutical products through the entire supply chain.  Serialization is able to identify every product’s serial number, origin, shelf life and batch number; tracing the products life cycle from production, through distribution, to patient.  With a reliable 1D or 2D barcode reader, pharmaceutical products can be verified to ensure 100% accuracy.  Pineberry manufactured its pharmaceutical serialization machinery system so it is modular and can act as a leaflet verification system as well, saving customer’s from purchasing two separate machines.

SF Friction Feeders

Manufactured with robustness and versatility, the SF Friction Feeder is available in widths up to 20 inches (508 mm) and serves product assembly lines, bindery equipment, automated packaging systems, collation systems, printing machinery, and material handling lines.  Pineberry SF Friction Feeders can be installed in-line or operated as a stand-alone friction feeder and can feed many products, such as: leaflets – insertion, dispensing; cards; magnets; CD’s & DVD’s; pamphlets; flyers; pharmaceutical inserts; die-cut specialty pieces; virtually any flat media.  Pineberry Manufacturing Inc.’s SF Friction Feeder is reliable and easy to operate with high speeds.  The SF can come equipped with many features, including ink jet printing, barcode scanning, batch count/exit trays, u-board and paper folding, speed matching and food grade stainless steel.

HSF Friction Feeders

Reduce packaging machine downtime through open source controls.  Built with 100% non-proprietary electronic components, Pineberry Manufacturing Inc.’s Open Source HSF Friction Feeder demonstrates an unbeatable level of operational simplicity, reliability, robustness and cost efficiency.  Available in widths up to 28 inches (711 mm), The HSF Friction Feeder can be easily integrated into manual and automated lines, and comes with a user-friendly Schneider PLC touch screen controller, reducing the overall number of components to the machine.  There are fewer connections and wires going from the combination of the HMI PLC and the power supply servo control power supply that was previously in a large 24×24 grey box is now incorporated in the integrated servile device, making our friction feeders portable.  It’s a smarter machine but overall it’s a simple machine to use.  Users can get information from the terminal through an app on a smartphone.  The Pineberry HSF Friction Feeder with Schneider Electric touchscreen controls provide the end user/operator with ease-of-use and full availability of real-time machine performance data.  The feeder is built to deliver optimal speed and accuracy; servo motor driven.  Open source technology is the way the future is being built.

Pick & Place Tray Denesting System

The Pineberry FlexPick Pick & Place Tray Denesting System is designed to help automate the feeding of non-flat products and trays into packaging and fulfillment systems.  It’s easily integrated into existing transports and conveyors.  The Pick & Place Tray Denesting System displayed at the Pineberry Manufacturing booth is integrated with the new addition to Pineberry Manufacturing’s Pick & Place line, the Rotary Pick & Place.

The Rotary Pick and Place System handles various hard to feed products by picking and placing them from one location to another with pinpoint accuracy and high speeds.  The pick and place solutions engineered by Pineberry Manufacturing Inc. can be customized to fit specific production requirements. Moving large, small, or hard-to-handle products is an easy and efficient task to automate in factory lines. The Rotary Pick and Place System picks and places products consistently, accurately, efficiently and quickly for an increase in output and production, offering long-term savings.  The Rotary Pick and Place System automates the feeding of various sizes and hard-to-feed products into packaging and fulfillment lines, increasing order fulfillment and production rates.  Manual pick and place requires repetitive motion over long durations resulting in ergonomic issues.  Automated high-speed pick and place robots increase efficiency, decreasing production costs and ergonomic issues.  The Rotary Pick and Place adds one more solution to our product line making Pineberry Manufacturing the go to solution provider for feeding any product.

About PACK EXPO East

PACK EXPO East offers the industry’s premier tradeshow experience in an East Coast location, Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia, PA. The event features a marketplace of 400+ exhibitors displaying processing and packaging equipment, machinery, materials and containers and automation and controls for various industries, including food & beverage, pharmaceutical/medical device, cosmetics/personal care, chemical/household, other packaged goods. No other show offers companies on the East Coast so much in the way of packaging innovation, education and inspiration.

About Pineberry Manufacturing Inc.

Since 1984, Pineberry Manufacturing Inc. has been developing high-quality friction feeding, printing, packaging and custom automation solutions for the plastic card, packaging, distribution, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, graphic arts, and mailing and fulfillment industries.  Additionally, Pineberry specializes in integration, working with OEM’s and providing customized solutions for the most demanding environments.  Whether it is a standardized leaflet feeder, feeding and labeling bags, feeding cookies or an integrated custom solution, Pineberry has the expertise to provide exceptional products to make your project a success.

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