Plastic Card Solutions

With new technology and increased demands on security and customization, the plastic card industry is growing and evolving rapidly. At Pineberry Manufacturing Inc. we offer some of the highest quality, innovative systems on the market when it comes to card finishing equipment.

We have solutions for affixing, labeling, verification, counting, accumulating, decorating, personalization, punching, packaging, mailing and more. Our ability to integrate and provide affordable and quality custom solutions has made us a trusted manufacturer of plastic card industry leaders worldwide.

Card Verification & Inspection System

The CardCheck Card Verification & Inspection System has true card edge-to-edge capabilities, offering quality guarantees and ensures unfailing card integrity on both the front and back of the card in one pass.

The two camera Card Inspection System detects print and surface defects of plastic cards, and eliminates bottlenecks that are caused by human inspectors, excess costs of false rejects and unnecessary labor time.


Our Pineberry Card Serter is a versatile open concept mailing solution for plastic cards. This system can attach a card, verify, selective feed up to 6 inserts and insert into an envelope at 6,000 cards per hour.

FlexPrint Thermal

The ultimate personalization system for plastic cards. FlexPrint Thermal is a direct thermal solution, offering pristine quality without the mess of inkjet. Print multi direction barcodes, custom shape cards, key tags and more with this versatile system.


The FlexPunch CP 5000 HD is a small, efficient card punching system for single cards. This accurate and robust system has the flexibility to do single hole punching, various key tag configurations and most importantly custom shaped cards. With its ease of use, simple set up, low cost and accurate punching mechanism this system will allow you to offer innovative cards to your customers for short or custom card prototyping.

Hot Foil Stamp

The Pineberry FS 60 Hot Foil Stamp offers scratch off, decoration and/or hologram stamping.

Our high speed, easy to operate hot foil stamper will add signature panels, scratch-off foil, decorative foil or colorful holograms to your plastic cards with minimal waste. At speeds up to 6,000 per hour, and the ability to set up the machine in minutes; it gives the perfect finishing tool for plastic card needs.


This fully automated affixing/tipping system makes gluing media together simple and very accurate. The Card Affixer CA 10000 is a modular card affixing solution that can be used for affixing plastic cards to carriers, coupon tipping, placing media on to greeting cards and more.

Our Card Affixer CA 10000 is an operator friendly system that requires minimal setup and changeover time. Its touch screen controls allow for easy set up and changeover of jobs. Moreover, this is a card affixing system manufactured for your budget.

We also offer a modified version of the CA 10000 that has a ‘Straight Affix’ section to offer you more versatility and accuracy when it comes to larger orders.

SIM Card Packaging

The SIM Card Packaging Line is an innovative Affixing System for the application of SIM cards to a carrier. A Pineberry Friction Feeder feeds a die cut carrier onto the Pineberry vacuum transport. A second Pineberry Friction Feeder affixes SIM cards (CR 80 size or similar) utilizing a glue system. Once each SIM card has been dispensed through the feeder’s exit, Pineberry can add an optional label applicator to the SIM Card Packaging system were the SIM card will travel under an integrated drop-on-demand inkjet print head where a UPS code (or other code) will be printed either on the label or SIM card package.
Once complete, the SIM Card Packaging system will have an integrated Pineberry folding module to automatically fold the SIM cards. With the successful print on each CR 80 SIM card, the SIM card package will then be transferred from the vacuum transport conveyor to a Pineberry supplied batch shingling conveyor where the finished SIM cards will be batch shingled into a pre-determined preset count in preparation for the manual removal process of the final packaging process. Pineberry can add an optional banding system at the end of the line where operators could band the SIM cards into various batch counts.

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