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Increase the productivity of your end-of-line packaging operations with our simple, user-friendly robotic solutions

Cobot Palletizer

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Eliminate errors & risks associated with manual palletizing

Go into operation in 30 Min

The Cobot Palletizing process package is integrated, enabling effortless initiation of production through a simple 5-step procedure, eliminating the need for programming.

Flexible deployment

The Workstation incorporates a modular layout, facilitating plug and play functionality, and enabling swift instalation.

Quick return

The utilization of a Cobot Palletizing workstation offers a solution to liberate staff from monotonous and physically demanding palletizing tasks, resulting in substantial cost savings.

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Powerful Performance, A Palletizing Expert

The workstation can carry up to 20kg and stack just over 6ft high, meeting the palletizing demands of food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries.

When using the latest Cr10-20A Cobots, palletizing speeds can reach 8-13 pieces per minute, which is the highest industry-leading speed.

Easy to Use, Rich in Features

Equipped with palletizing process package, the production can be setup easily in 30 minutes without any programming. Rich features meet diverse palletizing tasks, making deployment simpler and faster.


Supports Configuration of Box Transition Point and Target Point

It supports setting the palletizing point and transition point for the box, which can reduce the impact of the size difference of the box and the height difference of the pallet, without the need to reserve excessive gap space for the box, making the boxes more compact. The palletizing point and transition point for the box can be set separately for each box, making configuration more flexible.

Supports Interlayer

In response to the needs of the food and beverage industries, the process package adds support for picking and placing partitions during the palletizing process to enhance stack stability. The settings of the partition picking and placing feature is simple, requiring only three steps: setting the partition picking point, transition point, and placing point.

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Product Highlight : 

MG400 Lightweight Desktop Robot featuring Collision Detection, Vibration Suppression Control, and TrueMotion Dynamic Algorithm

  • 4-axis
  • Space-saving lightweight desktop robot
  • With an occupied space less than a piece of A4 paper
  • Simple to use
  • Multi-programming options

Ideal for tasks such as:


    • repeating lightweight tasks
    • automated workbench scenarios
    • tight workspaces that require fast deployment and changeover
    • loading and unloading
    • visual sorting
    • glue dispensing
    • automated testing
    Dobot MG400
    Dobot MG400 in the lab

    PINEBERRY CRA Series Collaborative Robot


    The CRA series of collaborative robots excel in performance, safety, expansion, and flexibility providing a superior solution for collaborative robotics.

    Undoubtedly, integrating these robots into your production will greatly enhance efficiency and establish a path towards intelligent manufacturing.

    PINEBERRY VX500 Smart Camera

    The VX500 smart camera combines imaging and communication functions, with a 5-million-pixel camera, LED light source and IR&D 2.5D high-performance algorithm. It possesses accurate recognition of changes in scene height, inclination, and angular variations , with a spatial compensation accuracy of up to ±0.26mm.

    Moreover, it has robust error detection algorithms for speedy implementation of visual applications like positioning, measurement, inspection, and recognition. VX500 is compatible with Dobot robots, supporting plug-and-play. Eliminate the cumbersome steps of component selection, assembly, external wiring, and software and hardware debugging, making it easier for users to build various visual solutions.