Pineberry Manufacturing Inc. Automates SIM and Smart Card Packaging

Aug 30, 2023 | Press Release

Pineberry Manufacturing Inc. Automates SIM and Smart Card Packaging

Pineberry Manufacturing Inc. built an innovative affixing system for the application of SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) cards to a carrier, automating the SIM and Smart Card Packaging process.

Toronto, ON, January 4, 2017 – Pineberry Manufacturing Inc., the leader in developing robust innovative automation solutions, delivered their SIM and Smart Card Packaging System to a high profile telecommunications and cellular provider.  Due to the growing demand of SIM and smart cards for various smartphone and cellular devices, automating the SIM and smart card packaging process increases order fulfillment and reduces bottlenecks and labor costs.

“The SIM and Smart Card Packaging System is an innovative affixing system for the application of SIM and smart cards to a carrier,” states David McCharles, President of Pineberry Manufacturing Inc.  “The system includes our Pineberry HSF and SF Friction Feeders, carrier folding, hot glue, affixing, labeling, barcode printing, tabber sealing, camera verification and batching,” continues Mr. McCharles.  “At speeds of up to 12,000 pieces per hour, the process is simple and very accurate; a truly modular system that’s operator friendly and requires minimal setup and product changeover,” concludes Mr. McCharles.

A Pineberry SF Friction Feeder feeds a die cut carrier onto the Pineberry vacuum transport.  A Pineberry HSF Friction Feeder affixes SIM cards (CR 80 size or similar) utilizing a glue system.  Once each SIM card has been dispensed through the feeder’s exit, Pineberry can add an optional label applicator to the SIM Card Packaging system were the SIM card will travel under an integrated drop-on-demand inkjet print head where a UPS code (or other code) will be printed either on the label or SIM card package.  Once complete, the SIM Card Packaging system will have an integrated Pineberry folding module to automatically fold the SIM cards.  With the successful print on each CR 80 SIM card, the SIM card package is transferred from the vacuum transport conveyor to a Pineberry supplied batch shingling conveyor, where the finished SIM cards are batch shingled into a pre-determined preset count in preparation for the removal of the final packaging process.  Pineberry can add an optional banding system at the end of the line where operators could band the SIM cards into various batch counts.

About Pineberry Manufacturing Inc.

Since 1984, Pineberry Manufacturing Inc. has been developing high-quality friction feeding, printing, packaging and custom automation solutions for the plastic card, packaging, distribution, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, graphic arts, and mailing and fulfillment industries.  Additionally, Pineberry specializes in integration, working with OEM’s and providing customized solutions for the most demanding environments.  Whether it is a standardized leaflet feeder, feeding and labeling bags, feeding cookies or an integrated custom solution, Pineberry has the expertise to provide exceptional products to make your project a success.

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