Pineberry FlexPrint – Cannabis Excise Stamp Label and GS1 BarCode Automation

Feb 21, 2024 | Blog, Press Release

Pineberry Flexprint for Cannabis Packaging

Pineberry Manufacturing designs and builds packaging handling and printing solutions for several key industries including ecommerce , retail , food and beverage, pharmaceutical and the cannabis industry among a few.

The flexibility of our products can be configured to handle a variety of packaging types with automation in mind.

This is the Pineberry FlexPrint which is currently configured to feed CR Pouches, label them with the Cannabis Excise Stamp and follow that with the GS1 Stacked Databar / Lot-Tracked Barcode using an integrated Videojet Technologies DataFlex printer.

Visit our Cannabis related product page to see some of our projects covering the Cannabis or also the Pharmaceutical industry if you are looking for automated labelling and tracking solutions.