Pharmaceutical Serialization Machinery Solutions for Flat Cartons

Aug 31, 2023 | Press Release

Pharmaceutical Serialization Machinery Solutions for Flat Cartons by Pineberry Manufacturing Inc

Pineberry Manufacturing Inc.’s serialization system marks cartons, bags and leaflets to add track and trace information, date/lot codes, and more.

Toronto, ON, March 1, 2016 – Pineberry Manufacturing Inc. has introduced a serialization system that produces the cleanest codes on the market, verified with an in-line reader and cannot be tampered with.  The pharmaceutical cartons are controlled with precision under the laser providing codes that are superior to inkjet, with zero printing consumables or downtime.  The serialization and track & trace solution aims to help fight the immense market of counterfeit products and to enhance consumer safety in accordance with legislations, such as the Drug Quality & Security Act (DQSA) and the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA).

“This is a robust solution with a small footprint, that can be used next to automated cartoners or a work station for hand fill packaging,” states David McCharles, President of Pineberry Manufacturing Inc.  “Our flat carton serialization solution can print in either laser or inkjet marking making it the most flexible solution on the market,” continues Mr. McCharles.  “The system is a perfect fit for semi-automated packages of pharmaceuticals or even as to pre-serialize cartons before they are filled into the hopper of an automated cartoner.  Both processes ensure 100% accuracy of track and trace serialization codes,” concludes Mr. McCharles.

Serialization requires a comprehensive system to track and trace the passage of prescription drugs and pharmaceutical products through the entire supply chain.  Serialization is able to identify every product’s serial number, origin, shelf life and batch number; tracing the products life cycle from production, through distribution, to patient.  With a reliable 1D or 2D barcode reader, pharmaceutical products can be verified to ensure 100% accuracy.  Pineberry manufactured its pharmaceutical serialization machinery system so it is modular and can act as a leaflet verification system as well.  This saves customer’s from purchasing two separate machines.

About Pineberry Manufacturing Inc.

Since 1984, Pineberry Manufacturing Inc. has been developing high-quality friction feeding, printing, packaging and custom automation solutions for the plastic card, packaging, distribution, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, graphic arts, and mailing and fulfillment industries.  Additionally, Pineberry specializes in integration, working with OEM’s and providing customized solutions for the most demanding environments.  Whether it is a standardized leaflet feeder, feeding and labeling bags, feeding cookies or an integrated custom solution, Pineberry has the expertise to provide exceptional products to make your project a success.

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