Pharmaceutical Serialization Machinery Solutions for Erect Cartons

Aug 30, 2023 | Press Release

Pharmaceutical Serialization Machinery Solutions for Erect Cartons by Pineberry Manufacturing Inc

Pineberry Manufacturing Inc.’s erect carton serialization system with modular vacuum conveyor can be added to any end of line process.

Toronto, ON, June 1, 2016 – Pineberry Manufacturing Inc. has introduced the CartonTrac EC – Erect Carton Serialization Solution, producing superior print quality and verifying with a tamper proof in-line reader. Cartons are controlled throughout the print window guided for the various print technologies to print with pristine accuracy. The vacuum transport utilizes a fan-based technology dramatically reducing noise level of a single pump or blower. The serialization solution integrates to any production line for further processing within facilities. The serialization and track & trace solution aims to help fight the immense market of counterfeit products and to enhance consumer safety in accordance with legislations, such as the Drug Quality & Security Act (DQSA) and the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA)

“This is an inline, robust solution with a small footprint that can be added to any end of line pharmaceutical process,” states David McCharles, President of Pineberry Manufacturing Inc. “Our erect carton serialization solution can print in either laser or inkjet marking making it the most flexible solution on the market,” continues Mr. McCharles. “The system is perfect to automate the serialization and track and trace of pharmaceutical packages, ensuring 100% accuracy,” concludes Mr. McCharles.

Serialization requires a comprehensive system to track & trace the passage of prescription drugs and pharmaceutical products through the entire supply chain. Serialization is able to identify every product’s serial number, origin, shelf life and batch number; tracing the products life cycle from production, through distribution, to patient. With a reliable 1D and/or 2D barcode reader, pharmaceutical products can be verified to ensure 100% accuracy. Pineberry manufactured its pharmaceutical erect carton serialization machinery system with modular vacuum conveyor so it can be installed efficiently to any end of line process. This saves customer’s time with installing a proficient serialization and track and trace pharmaceutical machine that meets the requirements of the Drug Quality & Security Act (DQSA) and the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA).

About Pineberry Manufacturing Inc.

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