InstaPrint Packing Slip Inserter


Pineberry Manufacturing Inc.’s InstaPrint Packing Slip Inserter prints, scans and inserts up to 200 pages per minute on demand, greatly reducing bottlenecks, labor costs and improving automated packing slip order fulfillment. InstaPrint folds packing slips for quick insertion into small boxes and cartons efficiently and accurately.

InstaPrint uses a high quality drop-on-demand inkjet printer that has the ability to print on many flat materials, sizes and odd stocks, including paper, plastic and stock with an integrated label. With no consumables other than ink, InstaPrint is cost efficient proving a quick ROI. Built with read and print software, packing slips are printed, folded and inserted into cartons at high speeds on demand with 100% accuracy; there is no need to scan down the line.

InstaPrint Packing Slip Inserter is a very robust, economical solution with a small footprint used to automate packing slip order fulfillment for the packaging and e-Commerce industry. With an inkjet drop-on-demand printer and no printer duty cycle, if a rare jam occurs it can be cleared in seconds, unlike a laser printer, making InstaPrint the most reliable packing slip automated system on the market. The Pineberry InstaPrint Packing Slip Inserter is designed to increase capacity in distribution centers, reduce the number of packing stations, reduce bottlenecks and labor costs, and improves the overall order fulfillment process.

InstaPrint comes with an attached Pineberry HSF 12 Friction Feeder, Drop-On-Demand Printer and a Pineberry Fold & Inserter on a vacuum conveyor that can be easily integrated next to packaging lines for seamless packaging and order fulfillment. With an optional loader, InstaPrint can hold up to 10,000 sheets. With an inkjet drop-on-demand print system, packing slips are scanned and printed in milliseconds for speedy order fulfillment. With an optional folding application, packing slips can be easily inserted into various sized cartons meeting multiple configuration requirements. Pineberry Manufacturing Inc. can enlarge the InstaPrint Packing Slip Inserter with affixing and collating packaging lines, making InstaPrint flexible being altered according to job requirements.

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  • Applications:

    • Packing slip order fulfillment
    • In one step the packing slip is printed, scanned, folded and inserted
    • Print on many flat materials, sizes and odd stocks
    • Print packing slips and shipping documents
    • Print/insert marketing/promotional material
    • No start-up time
    • No printer duty cycle
    • Bar code reader
    • Drop-on-demand inkjet printer
    • Marking and Coding
    • Optional Collation and Affixing Application
  • Features:

    • Pineberry HSF 12 Friction Feeder, Drop-On-Demand printer and a Pineberry Fold & Inserter on a vacuum conveyor
    • Prints, scans, folds and inserts packing slips into/onto boxes/cartons/totes with 100% accuracy
    • No start-up time and no buffer; instantly print packing slips on-demand
    • Uses standard 8.5″ x 11″ letter paper
    • Prints on many flat materials, sizes and odd stocks, including paper, plastic and stock with an integrated label
    • Built with read and print software; no need to scan down the line
    • Drop-on-demand inkjet printer; no printer duty cycle
    • No consumables other than ink
    • Reduces bottlenecks, packing stations and labor costs
    • Improves order fulfillment
    • ROI typically in less than one yeat
    • The packing slip can also double up as the return label
    • Processes orders faster than any current system available
    • Rates up to 12,000 per hour (200 per minute)
  • Material sizes:

    • Up to 12" wide products
      *Can engineer for wider formats
  • Dispensing speed:

    • Up to 200 pages per minute on demand
    • 60 meters per minute
    • 196 feet per minute


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