New Card Verification & Inspection System Hits the Card Industry by Storm

Aug 30, 2023 | Press Release

CardCheck Card Inspection System by Pineberry Manufacturing Inc

Pineberry Manufacturing Inc.’s CardCheck offers 100% quality guarantees and ensures unfailing card integrity on both the front and back of cards in one pass.

Toronto, ON, May 31, 2016 – Pineberry Manufacturing Inc. introduces CardCheck Card Inspection System.  With true card edge-to-edge inspection, this two sided plastic card inspection system provides automated 100% inspection of every card.  As cards run through this high speed system, digital technology and cameras verify colors, images, pictures, text, codes, numbers, dates, print errors, magnetic stripes, signature panels, scratches, placement accuracy and card dimensions.  Upon verification, successful cards are shingled for easy packaging.  Unsuccessful cards are rejected without interrupting the machine.

“Our CardCheck Card Inspection System is designed for simplicity, accuracy, and fits on most desktops,” states David McCharles, President of Pineberry Manufacturing Inc.  “Our two camera system not only detects print and surface defects of plastic cards on the fly, but also eliminates bottlenecks that are created by human inspectors, excess costs of false rejects and unnecessary labor time,” continues Mr. McCharles.  “The CardCheck is ideal for the card industry, and runs plastic, credit and financial cards, employee and student ID cards, social insurance cards, phone cards, driver’s licenses, and more,” concludes Mr. McCharles.

Pineberry Manufacturing Inc.’s CardCheck Card Inspection System fits perfectly on various tables and desktops, easily integrates into other personalization systems, and has the smallest footprint on the market.  The system inspects colored, white, black, clear, blank and printed cards, with speeds up to 36,000 per hour.  Like all Pineberry products, the Card Inspection System can be customized to fit the manufacture’s needs.

About Pineberry Manufacturing Inc.

Since 1984, Pineberry Manufacturing Inc. has been developing high-quality friction feeding, printing, packaging and custom automation solutions for the plastic card, packaging, distribution, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, graphic arts, and mailing and fulfillment industries.  Additionally, Pineberry specializes in integration, working with OEM’s and providing customized solutions for the most demanding environments.  Whether it is a standardized leaflet feeder, feeding and labeling bags, feeding cookies or an integrated custom solution, Pineberry has the expertise to provide exceptional products to make your project a success.

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