High Speed Card Attaching Systems

Card Attaching Technology Evolved

Pineberry Manufacturers a variety of High-Speed integrated Card Attaching systems for a variety of Card Affixing Applications and Workflows.

Our modular systems are capable of handling complex mailing and fulfillment. We automate the gluing of gift cards to retail backers or card carriers and can also handle customized media such as  magnets, coupons, or inserts.

Pineberry Affixer 1

Our Card Affixer CA 10000 is an operator friendly system that requires minimal setup and changeover time. Its touch screen controls allow for easy set up and changeover of jobs. 

We also feature simple tip-on/affixing feeders that can be integrated and speed matched onto folders, folder gluers, mailing bases and more.


Our Pineberry Card Affixer is a versatile open concept mailing solution for plastic cards.

With an integrated Friction Feeder, this system can attach a card, verify, selective feed up to 6 inserts and insert into an envelope at 6,000 cards per hour.