Friction Feeder Systems

Pineberry’s OEM Friction Feeders are a core product for many of our packaging automation systems. 

While they can be purchased separately for stand alone applications, we integrate our Friction Feeders into manual or fully automated solutions.

Our feeders can dispense zipper bags and pouches, leaflets, paper, magnets, credit cards, envelopes, magazines, magnets, and more.

Industry leading Friction Feeders

HSF Friction Feeder

Friction Feeder

Our HSF servo motor Friction Feeder is a versatile, robust feeder capable of handling a variety of products and flat media.

Models available are based on widths and include:

HSF 8, HSF 12, HSF 16, HSF 20, HSF 24 & HSF 28. Which all can be integrated into existing production lines along with our optional Autoloader to automatically load the Friction Feeder.

 The video below is one of our HSF 12 Friction Feeders fully integrated with a vacuum conveyor

All of our Friction Feeders Feature:

  • All anodized aluminum framework
  • Servo motor driven
  • All permanently lubricated ball bearing journals
  • Dependable automation for product counting/accumulating
  • Simple adjustments minimize setup and changeover time
  • Rugged durability for continuous use and long life
  • Easy integration to other machinery with sensor or PLC input
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Simple push-button controls
  • Variable speeds and start/stop delays
  • Fully Customizable

SF Friction Feeder

Sf 12 Friction Feeder with Inkjet Printer

Our SF is an economical Friction Feeder, great for start/stop or streaming applications.

The SF series is available in widths up to 20 inches (508 mm) and serves product assembly lines, bindery equipment, automated packaging systems, collation systems, printing machinery, and material handling lines. A durable and robust feeding solutions.

The video below is one of our affixing systems which utilizes both an HSF and SF Series of Friction Feeder featuring an integrated transport, glue system and folding module in one complete automated system. The systems can be equipped to print barcode details directly onto the package.

SF Serialization Friction Feeder

CartonTrac FC (1)

The SF series Friction Feeder, great for start/stop or streaming applications. An comes pre-configured with serialization software, the SF series Serialization Friction Feeder can feed, print and serialize flat materials for track and trace.

With the hopper loaded with the required products, products are dispensed and works with the integrated print system for the required serialization coding. The system will uses an integrated camera to allow for the serialization software to save the images and printed codes.

Our Packaging Automation Systems grow with your business, we design and manufacture our systems to streamline your packaging automation to meet the demand of your growing business. 

Product Automation

Product Package Assembly, Folding and Insertion


Packing Slips

Print and Insert Packaging Slips directly into boxes

Shipping Labels

Automate Printing and Applying Shipping Labels


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