Custom Automation Projects

Innovative Automation Solutions



At Pineberry Manufacturing Inc. we’re constantly evolving and improving our technology. With a diverse engineering staff that has over 60 years of combined paper handling experience, we understand the challenges that arise when automating paper and other flat media.

We have integrated our feeders to conveyor lines, packaging systems, printing systems, drill presses, gluers, mailing equipment and more. Many of these systems are now part of the Pineberry line of products.


A large pharmaceutical firm contacted us to manufacture a custom CartonTrac EC – Erect Carton Serialization and Track and Trace System. The CartonTrac series produces superior print quality and verifies with a tamper proof in-line reader.

Cartons are controlled throughout the print window guided for the various print technologies to print with pristine accuracy.


We manufactured a customized Affixing System for the application of SIM Cards to a carrier. The Pineberry SF 12 Friction Feeder fed a die cut carrier onto a Pineberry vacuum transport.

A Pineberry HSF 8 Tipping Friction Feeder affixed CR 80 sized SIM cards. Each SIM card had a label applied and a UPS code printed on the label. The system folded the packages, batched shingled and banded.


A  growing digital e-commerce required an automated pick and place friction feeder to feed, label, bag and seal their products individually.

We designed and manufactured a custom automation solution, The Vacuum Pick and Place Friction Feeder, Labeler, Bagger and Sealer Solution. Our custom design provides operational efficiency, accuracy and durability, reducing excess costs and human errors.


The Gift Card Packaging Solution, manufactured by Pineberry Manufacturing Inc. features our Pineberry Autoloader, HSF Friction Feeder, Pineberry Bombay to batch count gift cards, a conveyor line to collate gift cards, wrapper and a label applicator.

The end user is able to conveniently ship gift cards to retail, e-commerce and vendors efficiently and accurately reducing costs and errors.


We built an innovative Affixing System for the application of financial credit cards to a carrier for a national bank and financial service provider in North America. A Pineberry SF 12 Long Friction Feeder feeds 11” wide x 17” long paper/carriers.

The paper/carriers are, creased, z-folded, affixed with hot glue, plow folded, tabbed/sealed and shingled in batches on the Pineberry Shingling Conveyor.


A global retailer with thousands of daily store and e-commerce orders needed to print, scan, fold and insert packing slips on demand into various sized cartons.

We installed the InstaPrint Packing Slip Inserter in their distribution centers. Our in-line document printing, folding, scanning and inserting system automates their DC by eliminating errors, improving packing efficiency and order fulfillment.


We recently launched the Open Source HSF Friction Feeder, built with 100% non-proprietary electronic components, like servo motors and programmable drives.

The new Open Source HSF demonstrates an unbeatable level of operational simplicity, reliability, robustness and cost efficiency. The HSF can be easily integrated into manual and automated lines, and comes with a touch screen display and electric controls.


We built an innovative Affixing System for the application of SIM and smart cards to a carrier for a high profile telecommunications and cellular provider. At up to 12,000 pieces per hour, the process is simple and accurate. The SIM Card Packaging System is an operator friendly modular machine requiring minimal setup and product changeover, increasing order fulfillment, reducing bottlenecks and labor costs.

High Capacity Feeders

We manufactured 100 custom High Capacity Feeders that attach to the side of high-speed laser printers. Our portable feeders were designed for a minimum capacity of 2,000 sheets. Integrated with membrane push-buttons, our robust, reliable,

High Capacity Feeder is easy to operate and load. Designed with wheels and aluminum panels, the High Capacity Feeder can be easily integrated for high-speed printing.


The Pineberry Hole & Butterfly Punch was originally designed to butterfly punch sheets of stickers to be shipped to retail stores for shelf space. Moving forward, we can punch paper, plastic cards, tickets, shrink wrapped material, fabrics and more!


A large bakery franchise contacted us to automate their order fulfillment process. They needed an automated feeding/dispensing machine to apply tray liners to metal trays in batches of 12.

Our custom design provides efficiency, accuracy and durability, reducing excess costs and human errors.


A large food packaging company contacted us to design a customized Dual Tagging System that collates two food packaging labels. Our SF Collation Dual Tagging System feeds two packaging labels, collates them together, turns them 90 degrees and flips them 90 degrees. Upon completion the customer’s food packaging sewing machine takes the finished collated product to sew onto food packages.