Collectible Card Game Sorting and Counting Systems

Our efficient and low cost counters can count, batch and totalize a variety of card types such as plastic cards; sports cards; business cards; lottery tickets; pull tab tickets; break open tickets; and collectible card game cards (CCG) such as Pokémon, Magic The Gathering, Yu-g-ioh!, Flesh and Blood as well as other TCG products.

We also have our Card Transport and Verification Systems that are able to sort 100’s of cards to ensure no duplication for companies that offer card sets, bulk packs, lots or repackaged products.

CC 50 Card Counter


The CC 50 Card Counter has been manufactured to count, batch and totalize collectible card game cards (CCG / TCG ), plastic cards, sports cards, trading cards, lottery tickets, pull tab tickets, break open tickets, transit passes, bus tickets, business cards, and other custom applications.

It is a durable and accurate machine that combines superior functionality with quality manufacturing. Perfect for a variety of industries that need to count and batch cards and flat media quickly and accurately.

Counter & Bander

This counting solution is great for plastic cards, post cards, labels and virtually any flat stock. It will even count clear cards or rainbow decks. Call for information on this or our fully automated solution.