Pineberry Manufacturing Card Counting Automation made easy

Pineberry Manufacturing Card Counting Automation made easy

Product Highlight  –  The Pineberry CC-50

For over 40 years, Pineberry Manufacturing has been designing and manufacturing card counters, verification systems, affixers and other automation systems that are ideal for the Plastic. Sports, and Collectible Card Game markets.

Our CC-50 is one of our batch counters that are manufactured to count, batch and totalize Collectible Card Game Cards such as MagicTheGathering, Pokemon, or Sports Cards. The CC-50 is also ideal for Plastic Cards such as  Credit, Loyalty, or Gift Cards and can also be used for Transit Passes or Tickets.




  • Integrated PLC and HMI Screen
  • Reliable and easy to operate
  • Fast and accurate count and Batch capabilities from 1 – 100
  • Automatic and manual operation
  • Cumulative totalizing
  • Desktop model



  • Gaming Cards ( Magic, Pokémon etc )
  • Sports Cards
  • Poker Cards
  • Pull tabs
  • Plastic cards
  • Scratch tickets
  • Transit tickets
  • Business cards
  • Transit Passes






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Pineberry Manufacturing Launches Partner Program

Pineberry Manufacturing Launches Partner Program

Pineberry Manufacturing launches our new partner program to invite Packaging Vendors, OEM Suppliers, as well as build out our channel partner network.

At Pineberry we partner with some of the top industry leaders to supply our customers with the best automation machines for their business. By collaborating and working closely with our partners, we design and build solutions for a number of industries, including Food Processing, Cannabis, Pharmaceutical, Printing and Packaging, retail and eCommerce.

By partnering with such incredible technology and software providers, we are able to provide innovative solutions to automate printing, packaging and order fulfillment.

To learn more review our Partner Page and feel free to reach out on how we can work together on your next project !

Pineberry FlexPrint – Cannabis Excise Stamp Label and GS1 BarCode Automation

Pineberry FlexPrint – Cannabis Excise Stamp Label and GS1 BarCode Automation

Pineberry Manufacturing designs and builds packaging handling and printing solutions for several key industries including ecommerce , retail , food and beverage, pharmaceutical and the cannabis industry among a few.

The flexibility of our products can be configured to handle a variety of packaging types with automation in mind.

This is the Pineberry FlexPrint which is currently configured to feed CR Pouches, label them with the Cannabis Excise Stamp and follow that with the GS1 Stacked Databar / Lot-Tracked Barcode using an integrated Videojet Technologies DataFlex printer.

Visit our Cannabis related product page to see some of our projects covering the Cannabis or also the Pharmaceutical industry if you are looking for automated labelling and tracking solutions.


Pineberry QuickPrint and InstaPrint Systems on Display at Modex 2024

Pineberry QuickPrint and InstaPrint Systems on Display at Modex 2024


Toronto, ON, March 11-14 2024 – Pineberry Manufacturing Inc. will be exhibiting at Modex 2024 at the Georgia World Congress Center and will be providing onsite demonstrations of both our QuickPrint System and the Instaprint Document Inserter.

The Pineberry QuickPrint is our Direct Print-To-Package solution for companies that are taking their order fulfilment to the next level.



Pineberry QuickPrint



The QuickPrint system will allow for a brand to automate their product printing and production systems in house and will provide enormous printing flexibility. This solution is able to print on multiple surfaces including  shipping labels, mailers, boxes, bags, and flyers just to mention a few possibilities.


Customize your packaging

The Pineberry QuickPrint solution allows a company to take all of their product printing and shipping automation to the next level.

Print directly onto packaging and shipping mailers


By using the Pineberry QuickPrint in house, products can be personalized for eCommerce and brand loyalty while also speeding overall shipping processes with direct label printing or perhaps customizing the very bags that customers pick up their products in from a retail store.


Pineberry InstaPrint

Pineberry Manufacturing Inc.’s InstaPrint Document Inserter prints, scans and inserts up to 200 PPM on-demand, with fully automated packing slip order fulfilment.  The Instaprint folds packing slips for insertion into small boxes and cartons efficiently and accurately. InstaPrint uses a high quality DOD inkjet printer with the ability to print on many flat materials, sizes and odd stocks, including paper, plastic and stock with integrated labels.




  • Pineberry Friction Feeder, DOD printer and Fold & Inserter
  • Print, scan, fold and insert packing slips into/onto boxes/cartons
  • No start-up time; instantly print packing slips on-demand
  • Built with read and print software; no need to scan down the line
  • Drop-on-Demand printer; no printer duty cycle
  • No consumables other than ink
  • Prints on many flat materials, sizes and odd stocks, including paper, plastic and stock with an integrated label
  • Integration with existing Production Lines


“The QuickPrint and InstaPrint Line of our products offers tremendous versatility for brands and businesses that are taking their printing personalization inhouse and are looking for the speed and efficiency in an automated solution”  states David McCharles, President of Pineberry Manufacturing Inc. “Our QuickPrint and InstaPrint systems is the result of 40 years of innovation and efficiency in a solution that can be integrated into our customers exiting production lines” 





About Pineberry Manufacturing Inc.

This year, Pineberry Celebrates our 40th Anniversary. During this time, we have grown to become a global leader in Order Fulfilment, Packaging Automation and Print on Demand Solutions for Brands and Businesses in eCommerce, Pharmaceutical, Retail, Food & Beverage, and the Print and Packaging Industries.

With our rock solid internal design and engineering team, we design and manufacture our products to be able to be fully integrated into production lines. Our Friction Feeders, Print on Demand, and Sortation systems automate Order Fulfilment and end-of-line packaging all of our customers. Whether your need is for a Pineberry Friction Feeder or a more complex integrated packaging automation solution, Pineberry Manufacturing has the experience to provide exceptional products to make your project a success.


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If you would like more information on these or other versatile innovations, please contact Sales at (905) 829-0016 or email

Pineberry Manufacturing Inc. Manufacturing Celebrates our 40th Anniversary!!!

Pineberry Manufacturing Inc. Manufacturing Celebrates our 40th Anniversary!!!

As we celebrate, we wouldn’t have made this journey without our incredible employees, our collaborative partners, and of course the amazing customers that have been with us for many years.

Since 1984, there has been a lot of change in technology, market trends, and consumer preferences such as faster product delivery for #ecommerce, or environmentally friendly packaging. It has been our forward-thinking approach that has allowed us to keep innovating and stay at the forefront in the Packaging Industry for many more years to come.

Thank you all, you have been integral to our success !

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