Cannabis Packaging Solutions

Automated Cannabis Packaging Systems

For over 40 years, Pineberry Manufacturing has become a global leader in packaging automation systems for brands and businesses in Cannabis Retail, eCommerce, Pharmaceutical, and Food & Beverage industries.

Our team designs and manufactures product packaging and printing solutions that will automate the application of the Cannabis Excise Stamp, print the GS1 Lot Barcode, and will also handle product Serialization or Verification requirements.

Work with our team on your specific application.

Pineberry FlexPrint

The Pineberry FlexPrint is just one of our packaging solutions that can be configured to handle a variety of packages such as CR Pouches. The FlexPrint will automatically feed the pouches, apply the Cannabis Excise Stamp and follow that with the GS1 Stacked Databar / Lot-Tracked Barcode using an integrated Videojet Technologies DataFlex printer.

VideoJet Printer


Our fully automated Cannabis Packing systems can be configured to support:

  • Filling
  • Custom Automation
  • Verification System
  • Printing and Labeling
  • Serialization
  • Tax Stamp Applicator
  • Dual Siding Printing
  • Batch Counting
  • Feeding

Cannabis Packaging

As a leader in the Packaging Automation space, we have designed and built our machines to handle a variety of packaging.

For the Cannabis Industry, we work with Jars, Pouches, Tins, Bottles, Tubes, and just about every type of product.

Ask us about your specific packaging requirements, we can help recommend one of our packaging supplier partners.

pouch_pineberry packaging


Erect Cartons_pineberry packaging

Erect Cartons

jars_pineberry packaging


Video of Pineberry Inc’s custom packaging and print capabilities on different size cartons.

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Product Automation

Product Package Assembly, Folding and Insertion


Packing Slips

Print and Insert Packaging Slips directly into boxes

Shipping Labels

Automate Printing and Applying Shipping Labels


Systems built to customer requirements