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Who we are? Why Pineberry Manufacturing?

Since 1984, Pineberry Manufacturing Inc. has been developing high-quality friction feeding, printing, packaging and custom automation solutions for the packaging, pharmaceutical, e-Commerce, distribution, food and beverage, plastic card, graphic arts, and mailing and fulfillment industries. Whether it is an off-the-shelf friction feeder or an integrated solution, Pineberry Manufacturing has the expertise to provide exceptional products to make your project a success.

We specialize in simple, durable, cost efficient and innovative automation solutions. Our goal is to help our customers be more efficient and profitable. At Pineberry, we manufacture and distribute products that solve problems, are robust, and enhance operations. This is why we work closely with our customers throughout the automation process. We have helped many businesses and international companies alike with our exceptional service and turnkey solutions. We have witnessed project scopes and requirements of all kinds. Our engineering team has and continues to provide system solutions to customers with unique and demanding applications.

What We Offer

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    Plastic Card Solutions

    We offer some of the most innovative systems on the market when it comes to card finishing equipment. We have solutions for affixing, verification, inspecting, counting, decorating, punching and more.

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    Pharmaceutical Packaging & Serialization

    Pineberry Manufacturing offers serialization solutions for Pharmaceuticals. Our systems can be set up for laser marking, inkjet coding, and labeling for efficient track and trace on erect or flat cartons.

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    Packaging Automation

    Our packaging systems can be set up for labeling, coding, collation, coupon insertion, bar coding and verification, tray denesting, pick and place, and fulfillment solutions for e-Commerce.

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    Food & Beverage Processing

    We offer durable equipment for the food industry, which include feeding, sorting, batch counting, polybagging, tray denesting, labeling, coding, scanning and verification, and leaflet/coupon insertion.

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    Custom Automation Solutions

    Pineberry Manufacturing offers custom solutions for on-demand printing, friction feeding, banding, folding, end of line solutions, packing slip automation, fulfillment and much more.

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    Mailing & Fulfillment Systems

    From affixing to full e-Commerce shipping lines, our mailing and order fulfillment systems can be set up for labeling, inserting, packing slip insertion, feeding, collating, and more to meet same day shipping requirements.

Testimonials View All

It's really amazing what Pineberry can do. Not only did they install a custom solution in-line with our applications, but kept us updated every step of the way. It's because of Pineberry we can fulfill same day orders.

Jeff, Director of e-Commerce - Amazing Custom Solution

Pineberry is an important strategic partner to our organization. Having worked on numerous international projects together, the Pineberry team continuously proves robust innovation and professionalism. We look forward to continuing to grow our business together.

Michael, President & CEO - Thanks For Being a Great Partner

It’s awesome, really. I can’t say enough about how well Pineberry tailored our integrated custom automation systems to our needs. Our team enjoys working with Pineberry’s advanced technology.

Ashley, Project Manager - Your Innovation is Superb

We had 50 employees placing coupons by hand onto flyers and needed to increase the speed and accuracy of the line. Operating 24/7, we can’t afford lengthy down time and maintenance. Pineberry helped us solve the problem quickly and easily with their CA 10000 Affixing System.

Mark, Plant Manager - Thanks for the Affixing System